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Experienced golfers in the Maritimes


WHO ARE THEY? They are a group of fun loving golfers who revel in the challenge of the game and enjoy the camaraderie in the Association.

WHO CAN JOIN? Any man or woman over the age of 50 who is a playing member of a recognized club in the Maritime Provinces, Newfoundland or bordering clubs in the state of Maine can join. They are sponsored for membership by any two current members. To see a list of the golf clubs currently represented within the membership click here. AMBASSADORS


  • Field Days: A field day is held in each of the four districts around the Maritimes in June through August. Field Days include golf, dinner and price awards.
  • Annual Meet: An annual two day golf event is held in conjunction with the MSGA annual meeting in late August or early September. The Annual Meet takes place at resort style locations and moves from Province to Province.
  • Florida Event: A Field Day is held in Florida each winter subject to member participation


  • MSGA members have a complementary membership in the Sun and Fun Association which offers escorted golf travel in the US, the Caribbean and in Ireland.
  • The MSGA also has a reciprocal arrangement with the Carolina Seniors Golf Association and are welcome at all of their events and trips

WHAT ARE THE COSTS? The $25 initiation fee has been waived for 2016. Annual dues are $80 for a single and $100 for a couple . Individual entry fees for Field Days and the Annual Meet cover green fees, dinner and a nominal cost for incidentals and prizes.

CAN MY SPOUSE / PARTER PARTICIPATE? All events are open to members’ spouses and partners who may participate as a golfer or just at the dinners. Formats vary, but men and women golfers usually play in their own divisions.

CAN MEMBERS BRING GUESTS? Members are encouraged to introduce guests to the MSGA by attending an event. After participating in an event a guest would be invited to join the MSGA in order to attend any future events.

IS THERE A DRESS CODE? Golf apparel is worn at most events. Members are encouraged to wear MSGA shirts and hats.(Included as part of the initiation fee.)  For certain more formal functions some members wear the traditional “Red Coat” although it’s requirement is being phased out.

HOW DO I JOIN? You can download the application form here. APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP 2016 Mail the application along with your cheque for $80 for a single or $100 a couple.

HOW DO I GET MORE INFORMATION? Look around the web site. The answer to most questions can be found there. Many of our member clubs have an Ambassador. Check the attached this link AMBASSADORS to see if there is an Ambassador at your club, who you can talk to. Individual questions can be directed to either or

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