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Payment Methods

Payments for Annual Dues and Events can be made cheque or an Interac e-Transfer.

  • Cheques are to be sent to the address noticed on the particular invoice or registration form.
  • For more information about Interac e Transfer see below.


Interac e-Transfer

Save time, effort and even money

If you have a bank account at a Canadian financial institution you can use Interac e-Transfer.

It’s easier than cheques and more secure than cash.  There is no need for stamps, envelopes or mailboxes.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • It’s SIMPLE. All you need is the recipient’s name and e-mail address.
    • In our case the name is;                    Maritime Seniors Golf      
    • The e-mail address is;              
  • It’s FAST. The MSGA is notified of your transfer via e-mail and can deposit the money through RBC Online Banking.
  • It’s SECURE. The money is transferred through Online Banking and the Interac network. Only the notification is sent by e-mail.
    •  The Security Question to use is; What am I paying?                                                                         
    • The Security Answer is; MSGA2017
  • This set-up means only the MSGA can access the money you send.
  • Sending an Interac e-Transfer is FREE for all RBC personal chequing accounts and with similar accounts in most other Canadian Banks or Financial Institutions.
  • The following Link will take you to a brief explanatory YouTube Video;



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