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AGM postponed until 2022

MSGA Members:

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey in June regarding our MSGA Annual Meet at the Digby Pines. All of your input is greatly appreciated. 

Many of you expressed interest in attending an Annual Meet this year. However, many of our members also told us that, although they normally attend our Annual Meet, they did not feel comfortable in attending this year due to continuing concerns with Covid 19 and related travel issues. After carefully considering these issues, the MSGA Board of Directors has determined that the most prudent course of action is to postpone our Annual Meet to August 29, 30 and 31, 2022 at the Digby Pines. The Pines has agreed to our request and has reserved these dates for us. 

As we advised in our previous email, the MSGA will not be charging membership dues for 2021. We anticipate the recommencement of dues in the Spring of 2022. In 2022 we shall be hosting a full schedule of events including the MSGA Invitational which shall be played at Moncton Golf and Country Club and Royal Oaks in June 2022. We shall also hold Our Field Day Plus at Amherst and Northumberland which shall be played in July 2022.

We hope that everyone has an enjoyable golf season this year, and we look forward to seeing everyone once again at our MSGA events in 2022. Take care and stay safe.

Peter Daigle
MSGA President

Message from the President about the 2021 Season

Dear MSGA Members:

A Special Meeting of the MSGA Board of Directors was held on April 26, 2021 to discuss the 2021 MSGA Schedule of Events and the challenges which the impact of Covid 19 has presented to our scheduled events again this year. The Board of Directors discussed the uncertainty currently involving travel, the availability of golf courses and their amenities during the upcoming 2021 golf season. To address these challenges the Board of Directors has made some important changes to our 2021 Schedule of Events.

The MSGA shall not be collecting membership dues from our Members for 2021. We shall proceed to collect membership dues again in the Spring of 2022.

The MSGA Invitational which was scheduled to be played at Moncton Golf and Country Club on Sunday June 20, and Royal Oaks on Monday June 21, will be rescheduled to be played in June 2022.

Our Field Day Plus which had been scheduled to be played at Amherst on July 18, and Northumberland on July 19, shall be rescheduled to be played in July 2022.

Our MSGA Annual Meet is scheduled to be held at the Digby Pines from August 30 to September 1, 2021. We are delighted that we will be able to enjoy this beautiful Stanley Thompson designed golf course and our Annual Meet at the Digby Pines.

We have been working closely with the Digby Pines on this event, and we would like to hold our Annual Meet as scheduled this year if the current situation improves sufficiently to allow us to proceed. The Digby Pines has agreed to allow the MSGA until June 30, 2021 to confirm that we will be proceeding with our Annual Meet as scheduled, or alternatively to reschedule our event to similar dates in 2022.

The MSGA will be conducting an email survey of all members in early June to canvass our members interest in attending the Annual Meet as scheduled this year. We encourage you to respond to our survey at that time and hope that we will be able to see you at our Annual Meet at the end of August.

Take care, stay safe, and we hope to see everyone on the golf course very soon.

Peter Daigle
MSGA President

2021 Events

The MSGA Board of Directors voted unanimously to postpone all of our 2020 events to the 2021 golf season. We are greatly looking forward to our 2021 MSGA golf events and to seeing all of our members who we were unable to see this season.    Our 2021 events are currently planned to include the following:

  • MSGA Invitational in Moncton on June 20 and 21. 
  • Field Day Plus in Amherst and Northumberland in mid-July. 
  • Annual Meet in Digby from August 30 to September 1. 

Please save these dates now for our 2021 MSGA events. Registration forms and membership information will be available later in the Winter and early in the Spring on our MSGA website.  

All plans are, of course, subject to Covid 19 developments.   

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