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Invitational at Fox Creek results

The first MSGA invitational event was held at Fox Creek on Saturday and Sunday June 14 and 15. The venue, the weather and most importantly the comradery were all top notch. Over 70 participants attended. We were delighted to have 14 members’ guests participate. In addition several Fox Creek members joined us for one or both days, providing some local course knowledge. All of our guests indicated that they enjoyed themselves and many expressed their desire to join the MSGA.

The Stableford format was used to facilitate faster play and make it more competitive among a wide spectrum of handicaps. The overall points accumulation by a member determined the winner and, of course, women, as full members, were now eligible to win. We came perilously close to having a woman’s name on the trophy (if we actually had a trophy) for the first time in 90 years. Claire Barnett & Jim Clements tied for total points. However, Jim prevailed, winning by retrogression.

A fun couple’s event was held on Day 2. Each lady participant drew a male participants name for the contest and a prize was awarded to the winning team. That event was won by Betty Johnston & Bill Dever. A skins game was introduced this year and proved very popular. Each of the winners on day one received $50 and $16 on day two. The names of these and all the other winners can be found here.  (Prize certificates and payouts will be forwarded by mail in the next few days.)

There were a lot of people that pitched in to help make this event work. But in particular the MSGA wishes to thank Allen Kenney and Ed McDonald for envisioning the event and bringing it through to such a successful fruition.

To any of our guests reading this. Thank you for your participation. You can find out more about our association at It’s not too late to join for 2015 and participate in any of our upcoming events at Glen Arbour in Halifax on July 7, Westfield Golf & Country Club near Saint John on August 11 and our Annual Meet at Digby August 31 thru September 2nd. EVENT SCHEDULE


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